Customer Cancellation Flow

When your customer clicks the cancel button in your store, they'll be prompted to select a reason for their cancellation. You can customize these reasons through Settings > Translations > Customer Portal.

Warning: If you change the translation option for 'I already have more than I need' or delete it so that it's blank, the option to delay the next charge won’t work.

Customers who indicate that they already have more than they need will them be prompted to delay their next shipment instead of canceling.

To view the cancellation reasons, you will need to download the report. Within ReCharge, go to the Reports tab and scroll down, you can export Inactive customer reports.

You also have the option to disable the cancellation button entirely in Settings > Customer Portal. If you disable this, the area where they could normally cancel will instead prompt them: "To cancel, email {store_email}". 

From here you could also configure it to not allow your customers to cancel from their own portal for a set number of charge intervals.

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