Creating Discounts

In ReCharge, you can create discount coupon codes for your customers to apply to their order. All discounts for subscription products must be created separately on ReCharge as a result of a Shopify limitation. This also applies to universal discounts, such as 10% off all products. You will need to make sure that you duplicate that code in Shopify.

Note: Discounts must be created in ReCharge, not Shopify to apply to these items.


In the ReCharge Dashboard go to Settings > Discounts


Click Create a discount code.


'Discount code' is where you'll enter what the code's name will actually be. Please note that the discount names are not case-sensitive.


Choose the discount type for the code. Either for a fixed amount or a percentage off and enter the amount in the box below it. Currently, there is no such thing as free shipping discount codes in ReCharge, though we hope to add this feature in the future. For more information on free shipping setups, check out this guide.

For our half-off code example, it would look like this:


You have the option to apply the discount to all orders, one time orders or all recurring orders.

Warning: If you create a Recurring Orders only discount code, it will not appear in Shopify, only ReCharge.

We've added the option for one-time orders so you can add a discount to a one-time add-on item! For example, a customer is subscribed to a protein shake powder and receives a promo code for a free mug with purchase. The one-time order discount code would only apply to the mug add-on.


You can also apply a discount to one specific product.

We are also proud to offer Discounts by Collection now in beta. This functions by checking the collection a product is in. You can enable this by clicking the drop-down menu and choosing 'Selected collection'. Then click the + to add it to this discount code as seen below. Click the x to remove it.


By default, discounts are set to be used an unlimited number of times. However, you can cap usage on each discount by limiting quantities. With the checkbox below you can also restrict it to one use per customer as seen below.

Note: The Times Used data for your discount code means how many different customers purchased with that code. Usage Limit is how many times one single customer can use the code.


Set the duration to either:

  • One Charge Only: Applies a discount to one charge, and not any subsequent charges.
  • Set Amount of Charges: Specify a number and you can have it, for example, apply to the first 3 charges.
  • All Charges: Applies a discount to the lifetime of any subscription items purchased.


You may also specify the expiry date with the Date Range option. Please note that the date of expiry would be midnight Eastern Standard Time for our servers.

If a duration is set for a discount code and the code configured to applies to all charges, the expiration date just means that it cannot be used for new subscription orders. Existing ones containing the code will still have the coupon applied for its duration. Existing subscribers cannot get that code applied to them if they don't already have it. Those who already have it applied prior to the date get it for all future charges


Before clicking Save at the bottom of the page, consider if this is the final version of this discount code, as these cannot be edited. Otherwise, you'd need to delete and recreate the discount.

Note: The field to enter a discount at the checkout does not appear unless discounts already have been created.

Adding a Discount to an Existing Subscription

You can follow this guide to add a discount to an existing subscription, you can also enable it so your customers can add their own discounts as well. In Settings then General Settings and flip the toggle to see the Advanced Settings you can check off the box pictured below.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?