One Time & Subscription vs. Subscription Only

When creating your first subscription, you can choose between One-time & Subscription and Subscription Only. If you only want to only offer the product as a one-time purchase, then that would be handled through Shopify and has no need for ReCharge. It's also worth noting that ReCharge does not apply the 1% service fee to any one-time products.

One Time & Subscription

If you select One Time & Subscription without applying a discount the widget will appear without referencing the savings:

If you were to apply 30% off discount via the Ruleset:

The discounted price will display:

If you want, you can notify our team so we can have it pre-select the subscription option in the product page.

Subscription Only 

If you select Subscription Only in your subscription rule, the products that you add in there only can be added to the cart like subscription product so we hide the widget and you will see the product page in the same way that if ReCharge were not there. If you have more than one options for subscription frequency we show the dropdown with that information in the product page.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?