Customer Portal

The customer portal is the section where customers can edit their subscription(s). You can share this section through notification emails, as needed. An example of what the portal would like for your customer would be the following. Here customers can edit their subscriptions, update billing info or see their purchase history: 

Read through the full guide to see what controls you can give your customers to update.

How to Update Your Customer Portal Settings

To set up customers with their own accounts powered by ReCharge, you'll first need to make sure your page is set up to do so.

Make sure your customers are prompted to create an account. To enable this, accounts need to be set as either optional or required in the 'Checkout' section of the overall settings:

Go to  Settings > Checkout > scroll down to Checkout Controls > select either optional or required > Save:

Next, make sure customers accounts in Shopify are set optional or required as well:

Lastly before customization, go to  Settings > Customer Portal > select Standalone page on ReCharge > Save

Customize the customer portal

Now you're ready to customize within the ReCharge customer portal!

Example of some the options you will see:

Give your customers the option to:

  • Edit next delivery date
    • Example: Your customer has too much product on hand so they want to postpone their next shipment. Simply send them their customer portal link so they can update which day they'd like their next delivery.
  • Switch products
    • Example: Imagine you're a coffee company. This option would allow your customer to switch easily from whole beans to ground beans for their subscription.
  • Add a new product
    • Example: Sticking with the coffee company store, this would allow a whole beans customer to add a subscription for coffee filters to their account.
  • Skip next delivery and future charges
    • Example: If a customer is going on vacation, they could skip that month's delivery. Hint: this feature does not apply to pre-paid subscriptions but instead for ongoing subscriptions.
  • Cancel subscription
    • Example: If you want cancellation emails to avoid clogging your inbox, this is a great option. The cancellation option is the default setting. You have the option to disable for your customers if you choose to do so.
  • Change item quantity
    • Example: Let's say you're a protein bar company. This option would allow your customers to specify they want less quantity of vanilla bars and more quantity of chocolate bars.
  • Change frequency
    • Example: If your store sells DIY kits, this would allow your customer to change how often they receive a kit from once a month to every two weeks.

More fields your customers can update through the ReCharge customer portal include:

  • Update billing and shipping address
  • Securely update credit card information
  • View future delivery schedule
  • View past orders in purchase history section

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