Pre-paid Gift Subscriptions Setup

The product price should be x times the number of pre-paid months. If it's a 3-month pre-paid and the product is $20, the price would be $60 for the 3-month pre-paid product.


In the ReCharge Dashboard under Rulesets, you can create or edit a subscription offer.


Set the Subscription Frequency to the delivery schedule you desire. Be aware that we only allow one ruleset per product and do not allow a product to belong to multiple rulesets. You will need to create multiple products per ruleset as outlined in this guide on Pre-Paid Interval Integration and seen below.


Once you've saved your frequency settings, just click  Next at the bottom to automatically refresh the page for the next step - getting your products in the rule. Scroll down and click Add products.

Search and select the product that you've created in your existing Shopify store. Each product can only be added to  one subscription ruleset. If you want to have one product in multiple subscriptions, you’ll need to create different versions of that product in Shopify .


Expand Show Advanced Settings. This is where we will configure that it is a gift subscription.


Set the  Charge customer and ship product every setting to the length of the gift subscription. Once you Show Advanced you can add a parameter to change how often it charges, allowing this field to be responsible for shipping. 


Set the Expire subscription to after 1 charge to prevent subsequent charges. This indicates that the customer will be charged once for the entirety of the order, essentially pre-paying. The following image depicts a 3-month pre-paid subscription. One order will come each month for three months and it's all been paid upfront

Shipping Charges for Pre-Paid Orders

To ensure that accurate shipping is charged you may want to set the weight of this product to equal the weight of the individual product multiplied by the number of shipments that will be sent.

Let's say it costs $5/month: The rates would need to be structured as: The products would then need weights:
1-month: $5 x bs - x lbs: $5
1-month: x lbs
3-month pre-paid: $15 y lbs - y lbs: $15 3-month pre-paid: y lbs
6-month pre-paid: $30 z lbs - z lbs: $30 6-month pre-paid: z lbs

We also have a detailed guide on this implementation here: Shipping by Weight

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?