Gift Subscriptions Setup

Gift subscriptions can be setup by utilizing the options available under "Advanced settings" when creating or modifying a subscription ruleset.

Open a subscription ruleset and add the product(s) you wish to offer as gift subscriptions.

Click the + icon to add a product to the subscription rule. 

Set the "subscription frequency" to the delivery schedule you want. For example if you wanted the product to be shipped monthly you would select "1 month". 

Expand the "Show Advanced Settings" section; this is where we can set the settings needed for gifts.

Set the "Charge Every" setting to the length of the gift subscription. This setting will mean that the purchaser will "pre-pay" the total amount required. 

For example if you were to setup a 3 month gift subscription you would select "Charge every 3 months". Finally you will also need to set an expiry interval. This will prevent a subsequent charge being processed after the timeframe selected in "Charge every" has passed. For the 3 month gift subscription example you would select "3 months". 

Here we can see how a setup would look for a 3-month gift subscription:
You can check out CheekyDay as an example. The CheekyDay purchaser will be charged for 3 months' worth of product which will be shipped every month until it expires after the third month. 

Why does the subscription expire after 1 charge?
Because the purchase is a gift, once the subscription ends, there are no future charges.

**Note for shipping. To ensure that accurate shipping is charged you may want to set the weight of this product to equal the weight of the individual product multiplied by the number of shipments that will be sent.

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