Order Reports

View a snapshot of your orders and revenue within the Reports section. Visit the Reports > Orders Reports. From there you can track your revenue growth trends. 

Charts & Stats

Use the date range picker to change the date period to track your revenue. Note that chart statistics are available as of Sept 8, 2016 and onwards.

You can also track projected revenue for the next week, month and quarter. Keep in mind, these figures are an approximate based on current orders. 

Hint: Projected revenue does not include taxes or shipping costs. 

Order Reports

Next, let's take a look at order reports. The reports will include lifetime data and will not be date specific. To export reports, scroll down to the bottom of the Order Reports page and click the report you want to download. A .csv file will start to download. 

Order reports available for download include:

  • Upcoming orders: This report includes the next order for each customer. Keep in mind, if a customer skips a delivery, the report will show the next subsequent charge date for that customer.  
  • Upcoming prepaid orders: This report includes data associated with upcoming prepaid orders in the current cycle. Example: Nick is on a 6-month pre-paid plan and his order date was August 7th. Assuming today is Sept 19th, the report would show upcoming orders for Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan.
  • Processed orders: This report includes all historical data associated with processed orders such as charge date and amount charged
  • Errors: Order errors and error details such as payment declined and card number incorrect

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