Customer Reports

View and export your customer base data within the Reports section at the top of your ReCharge Dashboard. At the top, select the Customer Reports tab. From here you can track your subscriber growth trends. This will include lifetime data and will not be date-specific. To export reports, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the report you want. It will begin to download and a CSV file. This includes:

  • Customers: Billing and shipping details for each customer. Includes all customers including inactive customers.
  • Inactive customers: Cancelled customers, including time and reason for cancellation
  • Actions: A history of customer actions such as skipping a delivery or updating a billing address
  • Next orders: Summary of your customers next orders. This includes all inactive customers. 
  • Subscribers per item: Number of customers that are subscribed to a specific item. Includes total units per subscription product and total subscriptions per item.
  • Subscribers per interval: Total of customers per-product order frequency. Example: Monthly, or annually.

Looking to see what exactly is in the reports?

Here are some example files:

Charts & Stats

You may select a custom date range in the date picker.

You can view your Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions

As well as your Active Customers:

We also include an overview of your store's activity:

Note: These figures exclude any charges and customers that have signed up in the last 30 days.

Active customers: Customers with at least one active subscription. An active subscription becomes inactive once a credit card has reached the maximum number of attempts. Customers who canceled after they were first charged as well as customers who got a card decline after they were first charged is divided by the total number of customers.

Tip: The number of attempts and intervals for credit card charges can be edited in Settings >& General Settings.

Learn about what a churn rate and other terms mean in our Glossary.

Average number of charges: Is the total number of charges divided by the total number of customers. 

Average revenue per customer: Is the total charge amount divided by the total number of customers.

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