Deleting a Subscription

In ReCharge, you can choose to delete either a whole subscription ruleset or just one of the products it contains. Deleting a subscription ruleset and/or individual product from a rule will not affect your existing subscribers. This will only ensure that no new customers can sign up for the product.

When deleting subscription rulesets, you should never delete the original product out of Shopify, as this is how our system will know to keep charging your existing subscribers.

Note: If you're looking for information on canceling a subscription, check out our article here.

From the  ReCharge Dashboard select Rulesets and click on the rule. You can scroll to the bottom and click Delete Subscription Rule.

Delete a Product from a Subscription Rule

Be sure to do the following in ReCharge and not in Shopify. From the  ReCharge Dashboard select Rulesets and click on the rule. Click the x to the left of the product title to delete it from the rule.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?