Set up Stripe / Get Stripe API Key

Please create an account one of the payment processors we:

Setup Stripe
Set up Braintree

Set up

Create Separate Stripe Account

Skip this step if you already have a Stripe account set up 

(Note to Shopify users; this is separate from Shopify Payments. Your Stripe account must be separate from Shopify Payments so we can store your customer's credit cards on your account.)

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up in middle of page
  3. Enter username/password
  4. Once logged in, turn button to LIVE in top left

  5. Enter Requested information

Get API Key

  1. Click Account Settings in top right
  2. Click API keys
  3. Copy Live Secret Key and the Live Publishable Key

Add both keys to Recharge App

  1. Go to your eCommerce platform's Apps Page
  2. Enter the Recharge App
  3. Go to Settings > General Settings
  4. Paste both your Live Secret Key and Live Publishable Key into the input boxes

  • Click Save
  • NOTE: It is important to make sure your currency is set to the same value on each of your accounts (processing, Shopify & ReCharge). If your account is set to a different currency than you intended, you stand to mis-charge your customers.

Using Braintree or Paypal as the Merchant Processor

For our clients we recommend using as your payment processor. However we do also have an option for setting up Braintree (for both credit card and Paypal):   Set up Braintree

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