What is powers reward programs for 15,000 merchants across the globe by rewarding your customers for completing profitable actions. Reward points are earned with simple actions such as making a purchase, creating a customer account, referring a friend, social sharing and more. 

Our integration allows merchants to reward customers for their recurring purchases by offering discounts on their next month's payment. Once the app is installed to a Shopify store and configured with the integration, a merchant can start rewarding customers for their recurring orders!

Getting Started is available to paid Smile clients on the Small Business plan.  Click here for details on pricing.

You will need a ReCharge API key. Head to integrations in ReCharge, then click "Get" on Smile.  This will take you to a second page with a link to generate an API key.  Copy this key and paste into

In the admin panel, click on Settings located at the bottom of the left toolbar. Then select the ReCharge tab at the top. Place the API key given to you by a ReCharge staff member here. Be sure to click Save.


As for's location in your store - you can use a tab at the bottom of the store to open a pop-up to engage with the rewards program. Alternatively, you can use a link or a menu item.

Create a ReCharge Subscription Coupon in

Note: The subscription coupons only work with recurring subscriptions, not just any Shopify order.

Go to Spending Points in the toolbar.
Click Add New Spending Option.
Select ReCharge Subscription coupon.
Fill out the form with the proper values and then click Save.


How does this work for your customers?

Customers will click on the tab and your rewards program will pop-up. Your customers would click on the Spending Points tab or navigate to the Rewards tab and click on Recharge Subscription Coupon (or whichever name you've given your subscription coupon) and confirm the purchase. They will be presented with the coupon code which they should copy to their clipboard via the icon.

Applying the coupon

If they are an existing customer, they can apply the coupon in the cart of a new subscription.
They can click the button that says Discount an existing subscription. This will bring them to a page that shows the customer's existing subscriptions.


Note: It is not possible to stack discount codes, only one can be applied to an order at a time.

Testing the Integration

Within, set up a reward (spending rule) to discount subscription orders.
On the front end, create a customer account.
In, go to Customer > Select customer > Adjust points balance > Add enough points to test discount.
Using this customer's account, spend the points on a recurring product and apply the copied discount code.
Lastly, in ReCharge try to discount a new or existing subscription.

Tiered Rewards Program

Check out's demo store to show off a tiered rewards program. If someone is in the high tier, they could have access to sales days before everyone else and other fun perks. You can offer referral links for each customer for them to share with their friends for rewards, such as 10% off their first purchase.

*NOTE - ReCharge does NOT currently support rewards for referrers yet.  Meaning if an existing subscriber refers friends with a discount code for a first purchase, we are not currently able to give the referrer a credit to their existing subscription.  

Questions? Pricing and contact support by email.

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