Symmetry Theme (Shopify)

Unfortunately due to the high complexity of the Symmetry theme, there are many limitations to using Recharge on this theme. The Recharge code does not work on the Quick View sections, it only works on the product pages.

If the product collections quick buy is showing on the homepage:

<a class="image-link more-info" href="{{ product_url }}">And changing it to this:<a class="image-link{% unless template == 'index' %} more-info{% endunless %}" href="{{ product_url }}">(Added the {% unless %} tags.)

On the product-detail.liquid page, surround all our code with this if statement:

             {% unless product_detail_in_block %}
              {% if product.available %}{% include 'subscription-product' %}{% endif %} 
             {% endunless %}
{% unless product_detail_in_block %}data-productid="{{}}" {% endunless %}<br>

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?