Additional Contents & Scripts

Any additional instructions or scripts for you'd like to appear on the "Thank You" page of the checkout can be added through the app. 

This is an excellent place to paste things like ROI/conversion tracking codes and partner tracking systems. 

How to add content and scripts 

You can add custom code for Adwords or other integrations on this section as well.

  1. Visit your ReCharge admin panel > Settings > Checkout
  2. Enter your script into the Thank You page > Additional content & scripts text box
  3. Click Save
  4. Make sure to preview your scripts to ensure everything functions correctly by clicking "preview" over the right corner of the text area
  5. Click HERE to see a list of variables available for this section.

First time page load tracking

You may need to track pixels based on only the first time the checkout page is loaded in which case you will need to surround the code you include with the following if statement:

{% if first_time_load %} [YOUR CODE HERE] {% endif %}

This will ensure that customers who are simply refreshing the page, are not counted twice, or more times.

If you're debugging a code within the first_time_load if statement, append "&show_scripts=true" to the Thank you page on checkout URL to force the scripts to load.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?