Different Price or Interval Between First and Recurring Charge

Warning: This feature will require advanced HTML, Shopify liquid, and possibly JavaScript knowledge. This is not part of ReCharge's standard turnkey solution. This feature is not supported by ReCharge as per our design policy since it requires custom coding. This documentation is meant to be used as a reference in order for you, your team, or a recommended third-party developer to accomplish.

There is no way to automatically change the product from one to the other from the first charge to the different charge. Only the price will be changing, not the product or SKU itself.

For this example, the customer will pay $1.00 when they first sign up for a free sample, then after 14 days they will be charged the full amount for their monthly subscription from then on.


Set up the subscription ruleset.


Change the price of the hidden auto renew product. In this example, to $1.

Add the recurring_price property to the code usually found on line 272 (though this can vary and is not always the same for everyone) in subscription-product.liquid. Add the following:
<input type="hidden" name="properties[recurring_price]" value="X" />

Where x is the price that will be applied to the monthly subscriptions. Make sure it's just a number with no $ sign.

If the recurring price will vary, you will need to use JavaScript to change the value of the input.

If you're unsure about the location, it should be after this line:

<!-- Subscriptions Powered by ReCharge Payments: HTML -->
And before this line:
<section id="recurring_choice_{{ product.id }}" style="display: none;">

Full example:

	<!-- Subscriptions Powered by ReCharge Payments: HTML -->
    {% if product.tags contains "Free Trial" %}
    <input type="hidden" name="properties[recurring_price]" value="39.99" />
    <input type="hidden" name="properties[charge_delay]" value="7" />
    {% endif %}
	<section id="recurring_choice_{{ product.id }}" style="display: none;" class="rc_container"><br>

Warning: This code will apply to all subscription products. If you want to only offer it on a specific one, check the optional step below.

Optional: Charge Delay

You can also add a property for charge_delay, which would be a number of days until the next charge if it's different from the normal recurring intervals. If you set charge delay as 14 for example, that means the first charge happens today, then the next charge happens 14 days from now, and then after that itll go on the regular intervals.

Charge delay is always a number that represents # of Days. This is useful for things like a Free Trial that lasts for 14 days.

<input type="hidden" name="properties[charge_delay]" value="14" />

Optional: Offer only on Specific Product

You can make it so this option only appears on certain products by tagging the products in Shopify and then applying liquid logic like such:

{% if product.tags contains "Free Trial" %}
{% endif %}

Apply the tags to the products in Shopify in this section below. You can use this to differentiate different products for different scenarios with different prices.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?