Add a Customer to ReCharge Manually

If the customer has placed orders through your Shopify before, you may need to enter in their Shopify ID. Check out our guide on how to Locate the Shopify ID
If not, there is no need to put anything in that field. Once their first order runs through ReCharge, a Shopify ID will automatically be created at that exact moment.


In the ReCharge Dashboard, go to the Customers tab and click Add Customer.


Enter the Customer's details, such as: First name, Last name, email and shipping details. 
If the customer is already in your Stripe account, be sure to enter the Stripe Customer Token. If not, just leave it blank.


Click on  Add Product to add one to their subscription.

Be sure to specify the date of their next billing period.


If the customer was not in Stripe, then send the Customer Portal link to the customer and ask them to update their credit card in their Billing Information. This step is not necessary if the customer is already in Stripe, because their billing information will have already been transferred.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?