Allow Customer to Cancel after Set Number of Charges

ReCharge allows you to control your churn by preventing your customers from signing up for a subscription and immediately canceling. In the ReCharge Dashboard go to the Settings menu and select Customer Portal. Under Subscription Status pictured below, you can restrict the customer to only be able to cancel through their portal after a set number of charges, or you can not allow it all together. Either of these will result in your customer needed to contact you directly in order to cancel their recurring subscription order.

If your customer has more than one active subscription, they are able to cancel one in order to switch products. This feature restricts them from canceling their last item.

Note: When enabling this feature, it is recommended that you clearly state the terms to your customers. For example, including text similar to this in the product details: "Subscriptions are set for a minimum of one delivery before you are able to cancel. After your first shipment, you may cancel at any time without incurring cancellation fees."

If you would like to control other permissions your customers have in their portal, you can enable/disable many of their abilities via the Customer Portal screen. 

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