Duplicate Auto Renew Products

What are Auto-Renew products?

When you create a subscription rule and add a product to it, we create a hidden auto renew product in your store. This is only to be used by the ReCharge app, you can ignore them and always keep them hidden to avoid showing them in your store.

Why they are Necessary

The reason this needs to be a separate product is due to Shopify's limitations - they don't provide a way to change the price of a product on-the-fly. Which is why we have to make a duplicate hidden product for every subscription product in the ruleset. We use it to create the first subscription order and then the original one thereafter.

Changing the Names

If you want to change the name of the hidden product, you can go through the Shopify Dashboard > Products Lists and change the title directly.

Note: Be sure to keep the product hidden, by ensuring there are no checked boxes under Visibility on the right.

If you prefer to update all the hidden product titles you can follow these steps:


Search for all auto renew products in Shopify.


Export them to a CSV.


Open the CSV in Excel and do a mass find and replace.


Import the CSV back to Shopify, checking off the 'overwrite' box and you're done.

Warning: If you change the price or variant information in the original product, you will need to go to Rulesets at the top of your ReCharge Dashboard, then select ruleset that contains the product(s). From this next screen, just click Save at the bottom in order to sync the data.

Multiple Duplicates

You can follow the steps below, or you can delete all but one of the auto renew products.


In the Shopify Dashboard, go to Products and search for 'auto renew' and delete all the products.


Go to the Rulesets tab at the top of your ReCharge Dashboard, select the subscription ruleset and click Save to sync the products.

Note: It may take up to 2-3 minutes to update and recreate the Auto Renew products. Afterwards, there should be just one copy for each.

Seeing subscription options for products you didn't add to subscriptions?

This may happen when you create a new product that is cloning an existing recurring product. The issue with this flow is that the cloning function also clones the recurring properties that we use. When you load the product page for this new product, our code recognizes the properties for recurring code and displays the options. To remedy this:


Add the new product into any subscription rule and save.


Remove the product from the subscription rule and save again to sync the product information and remove the extra properties.

Auto Renew Products Showing up in POS?

Check out our dedicated guide on how to hide these products from showing up.

Missing thumbnail image on the cart page?

Due to some Shopify limitations, we are unable to duplicate the images from the original product into the Auto Renew product, so you may notice the product image is missing on the cart page. In this case, you can manually add the images to the Auto Renew product. Please notice that whenever you re-sync the product in ReCharge, the images will need to be re-added.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?