Modify the Subscription Widget

Widget Update: We are very excited to have recently upgraded our subscription widget to v3. However, this may not work for your store. If you're having difficulty following this guide, please contact us with details.

The subscription widget is the visual representation of the recurring subscription offer. Below is an example of the design one store used, you can find the settings to modify this widget in your  ReCharge Dashboard > under Settings > Subscription Widget.

You can edit the language and background used in the 'How subscriptions work' box. This is here for legal purposes to help stores that sell in the U.S, as stores are legally required to be explicit about the terms and conditions of subscriptions and how they function. You can also edit the color and text in the "Lean More..." link.

You can also edit the color, font and wording of the One-time Purchase and Subscribe & Save offer text pictured below. The color picker has full hex code compatibility. 

You can modify the wording of the how it works section so you can translate or change the way the subscription is described. 


If you are looking to translate the widget to a different language or just change the wording, such as "Deliver every..." and "See details", you will need to go into the theme editor in your Shopify panel, be sure it's the theme where ReCharge is integrated. You will then need to find the  subscription-product.liquid snippet. The widget terminology can be found under the following lines:
"Deliver every": Line 131
Frequency unit type (Days, Months, etc): Lines 137, 139, 153 and 155 

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?