Referral Candy

Using ReferralCandy, your customers can refer friends and earn rewards to go towards their next order. Your customers will see referrals and rewards within their ReferralCandy portal. Unfortunately, you can't customize this within their platform. Referral tracking can work on both recurring sales made through ReCharge, or one-time sales made through Shopify. However, you can only run a campaign for subscription OR one-time purchases, not both at the same time. Once your customer has applied a discount, you can see it on the customer's subscription order page that a discount has been applied to a future order.

Types of Rewards

Option 1: Percentage Reward for Referrals
For example, you may want to offer a customer 100% off their next subscription order when they refer 5 friends. In the later steps in this guide, you would just select Custom for Reward Type.

Option 2: Cash Reward for Referrals
An example would be offering your customer $20 off when they refer 5 friends. When they achieve this, you will see within ReferralCandy that you will need to PayPal them $20. In the later steps in this guide, you would just select Custom for Reward Type to enable PayPal payout rewards. The cash payout would be handled via ReferralCandy directly. This can be applied to one-time orders only.

Warning: The Reward Type must be Custom, otherwise ReferralCandy's API will block our code. This requires merchants to fulfill the reward directly with the advocate. In this case, ReCharge's integration serves the role of the advocate, allowing for open API calls.

In the example below, you would use this as a reward description in ReCharge:

Note: A percentage off is all that can be applied to a subscription order. A cash amount cannot be applied to a recurring subscription.

Let's get Started

Be sure that you have installed the ReferralCandy app in your Shopify store. If you haven't done this, please visit their app page here .

Step 0: Update integration settings in your ReferralCandy dashboard to enable ReCharge

1. Go to
2. Click the Third party integrations drop-down.
3. Select ReCharge and click Save Changes.

Step 1: Creating a reward in ReferralCandy

1. Go to
2. Click the Give advocates... drop-down.
3. Choose Custom as Type of Reward and enter in the reward description (save this description for later) as you'd like. As stated earlier in this article, you can only apply a percentage off subscription orders in ReCharge with ReferralCandy. If you wanted to give a cash payout, that is handled on your end with a PayPal transfer.

Step 2: Set conditions for the ReferralCandy reward

You can set it up so that rewards are triggered for advocates based on the number of referred purchases and size of purchase. To set this in ReferralCandy go to Configure Referral Reward and configure the section Conditions for reward.

You can set it up so that rewards are triggered for advocates based on the number of referred purchases and size of purchase. To set this in ReferralCandy go to the Advanced settings section in and configure the Rewards Setting.


Step 3: Configure the coupon in ReCharge and Shopify

For coupons used on subscriptions, you need to create the discount within ReCharge, check out our Discounts article on how to configure discount coupons in ReCharge.

If you're selling one-time products as well as subscriptions, you will need also to create these discounts within Shopify also.

Step 4: Set up your coupons in ReferralCandy

You need to set up coupons with ReferralCandy if you're planning to offer the friends of shoppers an incentive to buy subscriptions from your store.

A) In ReferralCandy go to and select the Give friends... section.
B) Select the coupon.
C) Enter the description and click Next. A field to enter the coupon code will then appear.


D) If the coupon is for one-time purchase items, enter the Shopify Discount Code you created. If the coupon is for subscription items, enter the ReCharge Discount Code you created. If the code is not exactly the same as the one you created in Shopify or ReCharge, the referral will not work.
E) Set an expiration date (if any) and click Add Coupon Code when you're finished.

Step 5: Get your app ID and Secret Keys from your ReferralCandy dashboard.

A) In ReferralCandy click on the account owner name on the left navigation menu and then My Profile
B) Under API tokens, copy the API Access ID and API Secret Key. 
C) Copy the App ID under Plugin tokens.

Step 6: Configure ReferralCandy integration in ReCharge Add-on store

A) To copy your keys into ReCharge, go to the ReCharge Dashboard > Integrations > ReferralCandy.
B) Enter your App ID and Secret Keys

C) Enter your Reward Description. Based on what you input in ReferralCandy for the advocate reward (see Step 1), you'll want to paste the exact same Referral Award description as entered in ReferralCandy, otherwise, it will not work.

Note: Entering this Reward Description will automatically generate a discount code in ReCharge for your customer advocates. This is a different code than the one you created for your referrers to send to friends. This code is designed to apply to a referrers' existing subscription after the referral rules you created are met, such as getting the required 2 friends to purchase.

D) Enter Percentage Reward Off. (Optional) You only need to do this if you're offering a percentage off. If you aren't, you will instead be rewarding people cash via PayPal. You can review the list of referrers' by selecting Advocates under Manage in ReferralCandy.

Step 7: Test ReferralCandy

For subscription items, you'll need to create a referral link, create a referral qualification of  1to make it easy to test. Then send it to someone to make a real purchase with. After testing, check to see if the advocate's upcoming order has been discounted properly in ReCharge. After checking, be sure to refund the purchaser.

Click here to see ReferralCandy's process for testing.

Note: When conducting a Referral Candy test, we recommend using a different computer on a different network to make the referred purchase. Otherwise, you can risk the referral being blocked by ReferralCandy's fraud detection measures. It is also advised to clear your cookies before making the purchase as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

For general questions regarding Referral Candy's system, check out their help docs or feel free to contact them directly.

What if I offer the first month free, can I make it so points can only be applied for the second subscription interval?
ReferralCandy simply works by converting via the discount codes that are generated through its system. It doesn't measure the lifecycle of a customer and reward conditionally. The ReCharge team has been exploring how something like that would work but at this point that is not something that is possible.
However, you are able to set it up to reward manually in PayPal. You'd still have to track who has been referred in ReferralCandy, and then check in ReCharge to see if those referrals have stuck around for a 2nd month, then issue a cash reward to your advocate.

How do I test ReferralCandy?
First, you must have ReferralCandy configured with the integration steps below. You will then need to do a test purchase to share it with a friend. Once you have run the test you can 'pause' the referral campaign. You can always refund your friends' purchases after testing. For one-time purchase items, click here to see ReferralCandy's process for testing.

What rules or limits can I set for my customers?
Within your ReferralCandy, you can set the number of times a person can refer a friend in order to get a reward. You can also set order sizes for referred purchases to count towards a reward. For details on how to configure this, reach out to their dedicated support team.

How and when are rewards applied?
Rewards earned for a customer are applied automatically as percentage discounts to their future subscription orders. You can't customize what upcoming order a discount is applied to. If you choose to pay customers via PayPal, then rewards with be applied outside of ReCharge.

Note: Only one reward per order can be applied.

Still have questions? Reach out to ReferralCandy's dedicated team.

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