Set up

You will need to obtain your API Login ID and Transaction Key and send it to ReCharge Support. Use the numbered instructions below on how to get these keys to give our team.

Warning: Please be warned that several of our customers have reported that has proven to be a difficult payment processor to work with due to its antiquated code base. Instead, we strongly recommend Stripe or Braintree whenever possible, as we don't experience these types of issues with them. If you find that you must use, please understand it's lack of usability is out of our control. However, our dedicated team remains committed to working with you to ensure that your store is running smoothly, quickly and with a minimum amount of trouble.

Once set up, transactions will show up in the Transaction Details report on, rather than the Customer Information Manager.

Note: You will also need to reach out to our support team if you ever want removed.

Log in to your Merchant Interface at
Click Account at the top.
Click on API Credentials & Keys in the Security Settings section.
You can view and copy your API Login ID on this page as well as view or generate the Transaction Key you'll also need. When you visit this page to get the Transaction Key, it will generate a new key each time, so be sure to send us a new key and avoiding opening that page in the future.

Warning: Ensure that your currency is correct. Otherwise, you may risk incorrect charges for your customers.


Error: 'Authorize Response Not succeeded: User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values'
The above error is displayed when the Transaction Key has been changed. You may be thinking to yourself that you've never changed this key, and that may be true. However, has this fun feature where it generates a new Transaction Key each time you go to the page to view it. Making the old key no longer usable. Be sure to send the most recent key and avoiding opening that page in the future. You can also contact and let them know what you think about this 'fun' feature right here.

Error: '500 Authorize Request Parser error <errors> <error key="errors.reference_transaction_failed">The reference transaction did not succeed. Only successful reference transactions are permitted.</error> </errors>' has proven to be very difficult to work with due to their notifications not being clear or helpful. What this error means is that either the transaction needs to clear first, or that the transaction is in a fraud filter caught by Unfortunately, this does mean you'll need to get in touch with them so that they can sort this out for you. Sometimes they randomly block externally processed transactions. This is an issue we've only encountered happening with as a payment gateway. In this case, you may have to manually process the refund in

Refunds: In our experience, there have been times where doesn't allow refunds for 24 hours. If you feel like this may be your situation, feel free to reach out to their support.

Error: 'Your account is set to require the CVV code.' By law, however, the CVV code cannot be stored or vaulted. So when the recurring orders are triggered, the system no longer has the CVV code. This can cause the first checkout order to process fine, but recurring charges don't happen. You'll have to go to your account settings and turn off the CVV requirement, this isn't in ReCharge, but directly. Once you do so, let us know and we can force a retry on your error charges.

Error: 'Charges aren't processing due to a wrong address.' The error may read "Error code 27" "Authorize Response Not Succeeded: Street address and postal code do not match."
It may just simply be that the card or address needs updating, but if that has already been done, it's often because the old billing address is still being used, even though the customer changed it. This results in an error. Our system is sending the correct new address but is still using the old one. You can resolve this by either having the customer update the card again, or just turn off the AVS validator in Alternatively, you can update the address manually in directly.

Error: 'The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.' Usually it's because the transaction is in some sort of pending state, like it's before the funds have actually been transferred from the bank account or it could be it's under some fraud filter review or could be one of many other things. Try refunding the transaction directly through and see if that works. These kinds of issues only ever really happen on, we don't see them on other payment gateways.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?