How Product Inventory is Handled

You may have noticed Shopify creates duplicate products in your store. These can be ignored, the subscription orders will still impact the inventory of the original product. In summary, both one-time and subscription purchases impact the inventory of the original product only. Essentially, we don't track inventory on the hidden product at all, we point it all back to the original.

From the ReCharge Dashboard open your Settings menu > Checkout > Order Processing. Under the header Inventory Behavior you can select from the following options:

  • Create order always (Do not check for inventory, and do not reduce inventory) 
    If you have a product set to not track inventory with n/a as the amount, those orders will still go through. Orders that have the 0 inventory with tracking will be marked as Insufficient Inventory in the Errors section.
  • Create order always (And reduce inventory). This means that if a customer is subscribed to a product that is sold out, the order will still push through regardless.
  • Create order only if inventory is available (And reduce inventory )

Duplicate Product Inventory

When resyncing, your duplicate auto-renew products copy the inventory from the main product. But this doesn't matter, we recommend you entirely ignore the inventory of auto-renew.The inventory makes no difference whether it's 0 or 1000 or -1000. We never touch the duplicate auto-renew inventory, it might as well not exist. When it resyncs, the inventory changes because the entire product is getting duplicated but the auto-renew inventory has no impact in any way.

Subscription Has An Out Of Stock Product

If the order contains any out of stock item(s) then the entire order is held and marks the order as an 'Inventory Error'. To view orders with Inventory Errors go to Orders > Errors. To retry the charge once the item is back in stock, just click the 'Retry charge' button to the right of the order errors.

Out Of Stock Notifications

You can setup automated email alerts to notify customers when their order is out of stock. Go to Settings > Notifications to edit the Out of Stock message. See our Notifications article for more information on these.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?