Pre-paid Interval Integration

Example Pre-Paid Store:

Please note: If customers need to change a prepaid subscription it will only affect the next charge, NOT the already scheduled shipments. You will need to manually update the remaining orders in the already processed set of shipments by referencing this guide:  Changing Variants or Products for Pre-Paid Subscriptions

You will want to create one product per offered frequency. When you create a subscription rule and add a product to it, we create a hidden auto-renew product in your store. This is only to be used by the ReCharge app, you can ignore them and always keep them hidden to avoid showing them in your store. 


In the ReCharge Dashboard, click on Rulesets and create a subscription rule per frequency that you want to offer. For example, a monthly subscription, another for 3-month gift, 6-month gift and so on. Be sure to add the product and set the subscription frequency and configure the 'charge every' field. If this is your first time creating a subscription, you may also want to check out our Getting Started article for monthly subscriptions as well as our Gift Subscriptions article, which will include how to charge shipping.

3-Month Example Ruleset:

6-Month Example Ruleset:


Add all the products to one Collection in your Shopify Dashboard.


Display the collection in the new page to offer these subscription products.

After your customers pay the full amount upfront, for the remaining months we will create $0 orders for fulfillment purposes.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?