Product Page Issues

When you add new products to a subscription Ruleset, the changes are not always reflected on the product page. This can be due to data not being synced. This can easily be resolved by Going to Rulesets and clicking Save at the bottom of your existing ruleset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription rule has selected the option One-time purchase & Subscription but I don’t see the options in the product page? 
Sometimes after clicking Save in the Ruleset, it takes a few minutes to resync all the product's data.

I updated the price of the product in Shopify but the product page is reflecting the old price?
Every time that you update the price (or the variants) of the products in your Shopify panel, you need to open the subscription ruleset and save it again to re-sync the data and reflect the new price in the product page.

I deleted the hidden product in Shopify and now the subscription is not working?
If you removed the hidden product from one or all the products with the subscription, you only have to save subscription rule in order to recreate them.

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