Notifications in ReCharge are template emails which are automatically sent to you or your customers for different triggered events. You can also configure additional email notifications from Shopify and Stripe.

In your ReCharge Dashboard, click the Settings menu in the top right and then on Notifications. Click on any one of the notifications you see on this screen in order to customize that message. The toggle on the right enables and disables this notification.

These email notifications support HTML and CSS so you have full control over the look and feel of your customer contact. You can pass a link to the Customer Portal with the {{link}} variable and the customer’s first and last name with {{name}}. If you’d like to address your customer by the first name only, you can use {{first_name}}. For more variables, check out our Variable Guide.

Change the From email

To change the email these notifications are coming from, you can go to Settings and Notifications and click on the one you'd like to edit individually and modify the field shown below.

You will need to do this for each notification you'd like to edit on this page.

Notify Customers

Subscription Activation Notification
Sent to your newly signed up customers. By default, it will include a link to your customer portal and your store's email. The {{link}} will direct to each customer's portal.

Subscription Cancellation
Sent when your customer cancels a subscription. This email will include a link to resubscribe.

Recurring Charge Confirmation Notification
This is sent to your customer when one of their recurring orders is processed. The email will include a link to manage recurring items within the Customer Portal.

Upcoming Charge Notification
This is sent just before your customer gets charged for upcoming subscription renewal. The email will include a link to manage recurring items within the Customer Portal. This notification can use the following syntax for the variable:  { { charge_date | date: (%b %d, %y) } }

Out of Stock Notification
Sent when an item in an upcoming order runs out of stock. The customer is notified that the order will process once the item is back in stock.

Card Declined Notification
This email will include a link to update billing information and will be sent on the first decline of the credit card. For all future declines, ReCharge sends a new email to the customer if a notification was not already sent within the past seven days.

Card Expired Notification
The credit card expiry emails will be sent out at 30 days, 15 days and 3 days before card expiration. It will include a link to update billing information.

Refund Notification
Sent to notify customers when a charge has been refunded.

Notify Storeowner

Cancellation Notification
Sent when a customer cancels an item.

Error Charge Notification
Sent when a previously errored charge has been successfully processed.

Variant Not Found Notification
Sent when ‘Variant not found’ error occurs in an order.

Customer Actions Log
Sends a daily log of customer's actions . Actions recorded include: Skipping a delivery, cancellations, and delivery changes.

Advanced Settings

Stay in the know on all customer activity by enabling the ability to Cc or Bcc the store owner on all customer notifications, which sends a copy to your email. Additionally, you are able to override Shopify's notifications and disable them from this screen if you wish. The Send Shopify receipt notification, will disable the Order Confirmation notification that is sent from Shopify when an order is processed. The Send Fulfillment notification will  disable the Shipping Confirmation notification that Shopify sends when an order is fulfilled. As a note, when you disable these notifications, this will be only applicable for subscription orders. Also, please contact us if you disable any of the two notifications. 


Test any of the email templates by clicking Test in the upper right-hand corner of each template. This email will be sent to the address which is listed in your store. You can change the email address associated with your store by selecting your Account Settings, found in the top right and My Account. Be sure to sign out of your Shopify admin if you want to test Customer Portal links.

Note: If you send a test to yourself, be aware that the variables such as {{name}} will not populate and the email will be send from

For Loops

Due to the way that the Cancellation notification works, looping through the subscription items isn't possible. The Cancellation notification acts at the Customer level, not allowing to access the items details that way. In short, a for loop can't be used in this particular notification.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?