Add or Swap a Product or Variant

A product variant is a type or style, such as color, size, flavor, or scent.

Adding a New Product


First, be sure to Log In to manage the subscriptions.


In the Subscriptions tab on the left, you will see your existing ones listed.


Click Add Product


Search and select the desired product and confirm by clicking Add Product again.

Changing a Product Variant


Be sure to Log In to manage the subscriptions.


In the Subscriptions tab on the left, you will see the existing subscriptions listed.


On this page, click Edit beside the product.


Then click Change Product Variant.


Choose the new variant and Save.

Swapping a Product

Instead of having to delete the existing one and adding the new one. Once the swap feature is enabled, you'll find a Swap button now appears on the subscription page beside the product you want to change out. Displayed at the top of the following page is the current product. You'll then just search and select the new one, as well as provide any details such as size, color, quantity, delivery schedule, and date. When you're done, click Save changes and you're done!

You can enable this so your customers can swap products on their own, this is disabled for your customers by default. Once ReCharge staff has enabled this feature, a permission will appear under Settings and select Customer Portal that allows Swap Product to be 'Storeowner Only' or 'Storeowner and Customer'.

Changing Variants on a Pre-Paid Subscription

Changing variants on a pre-paid is a completely different matter. Because pre-paid shipments are on a separate layer from the charges, it means everything is more complex. When a variant is changed, it has to be changed on all queued pre-paid orders within that cycle. We have seen cases where people will buy multiple pre-paid subscriptions all at once, which can make things even more complex. Because of this, we ask you to contact us directly to help with these, since we can ensure sure nothing goes wrong. If this is a more simple swap, you can check out this guide.

To clarify, there is an option under Settings > Customer Portal > Subscription Details > Change Variants where customers can change variants. It's very important to note that this does not apply to pre-paid subscriptions.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?