Shopify Order Tags

Shopify Order Tags

ReCharge orders are automatically tagged when they are created in Shopify. Orders will have the tag Subscription applied as well as either Subscription First Order or Subscription Recurring Order

If it's a pre-paid/gift subscription, it would also include the tag  Prepaid. However, the tagging can get somewhat complex. This is best communicated in an example.

For a 3-Month pre-paid subscription, the tags would appear as follows:

  • 1st Order: Subscription First Order
  • 2nd Order: Subscription First Order, Prepaid
  • 3rd Order: Subscription First Order, Prepaid
  • 4th Order: Subscription Recurring Order
  • 5th Order: Subscription Recurring Order, Prepaid

Filtering out your Subscription Customers

In the search box for filtering orders in Shopify, you can use the drop-down menu to choose 'Tagged with' and use subscription tag to filter to get a list of your customers with subscriptions.

We also have a feature where you can append the Subscription First Order or Subscription Recurring Order in the order note fields. If you would like these order note fields enabled, just reach out to our team and we'd be happy to set this up for your store.

Shopify Customer Tags

Customers are also tagged in Shopify as:

  • Active Subscriber
  • Inactive Subscriber
  • Subscription card declined

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