Applying Discounts to Existing Subscriptions

Before beginning, be sure that you've created the discount code. For instructions on creating codes, check out our guide on Setting Up Discounts. That guide also includes details on configuring discounts to only apply to a first charge, or how to have it only work for a specific product.

You can also enable your customers to add the discount codes on their own via the Customer Portal. In your ReCharge Dashboard under Settings > General Settings, you can enable this checkbox:

Add a Discount to an Existing Subscription Manually


When logged in to your ReCharge Dashboard, select Customers.


Search and select the name of the customer you will be applying the discount to.


On the following page, click See Details.


Select Additional Info & Settings.


Enter the Discount Code and Save.


You can verify that the discount has been applied by viewing the following grey box at the bottom of the page under the upcoming charges.

Note: A subscription can only have one discount applied to it at a time. For example, if a customer initially applied another discount when signing up for the subscription, be sure to remove it before you add the new one. If you want both discounts to apply, create a new discount with the combined value of both. This would be specific to this customer.

Deleting a Discount

If you delete a discount it will remove its application to all existing subscribers who applied it. You can expect to see a modal window that will warn you before deleting. Deleting a discount is used if you want to remove the discount from being used by current and future subscribers. Disabling a discount is for when you want to allow it used by only future subscribers.

To delete a discount, make sure you are on the same page as instructed above in Additional Info & Settings. Clear the DISCOUNT CODE text box so it is blank and save it.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?