Customizing CSS in the Storefront Customer Portal

We recommend you check out our article for information on the Customer Portal before diving into customization. If you are already familiar, you will find the CSS customization in the Settings section under Customer Portal in the ReCharge Dashboard.

Warning: Integrating the Storefront Customer Portal will require knowledge of Shopify Themes.

As you can see by the upper part of the image below titled Header HTML/CSS/JS, you can surround the section with <div> tags. You can add CSS tags directly as pictured below:

Don't forget to Save!

Below you'll see an example of a store using custom CSS for their storefront portal.

If you have any general questions, the ReCharge team is happy to help. For anything more advanced, we recommend hiring a third-party developer to build this for you. Check out our trusted experts page.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?