Order Reports

To view a snapshot of your orders, go to SettingsReports section at the top of your ReCharge Dashboard. Be sure that the Orders Reports tab at the top is selected. From there you can track your revenue growth trends. This will include lifetime data and will not be date-specific. To export reports, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the report you want. It will begin to download and a CSV file. This includes:

  • Upcoming orders: This report includes the next order for each customer. Keep in mind, if a customer skips a delivery, the report will show the next subsequent charge date for that customer.  
  • Upcoming prepaid orders: This report includes data associated with upcoming prepaid orders in the current cycle.
  • Processed orders: This report includes all historical data associated with processed orders such as charge date and the amount charged.
  • Errors: Order errors and error details such as payment declined and card number incorrect.

Looking to see what exactly is in the reports?

Here are some example files:

You can add a date parameter in the URL to filter the export by a certain date. Example:  http://shopifysubscriptions.com/charge/queued/csv/2016-02-01/2016-02-28
Make sure the date is in  yyyy -mm-dd format. The first date is the start date, and the second is the end date.

Charts & Stats

You may select a custom date range in the date picker to view a specific time frame.

The display of charts and predictions is currently still in Beta. We advise that it is not to be solely relied upon and can occasionally malfunction while we iron out the kinks. We strongly encourage you to export your reports for the most accurate, up-to-date numbers.

You can also track projected revenue for the next week, month and quarter. These figures are an approximate calculation based on current orders. 

Projected revenue does not include taxes or shipping costs. 

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?