Edit Pre-Paid Shipment Dates

If the order is a pre-paid subscription and you run orders on a specific day of the month, you will need to change the dates for both the next payment and next shipment to ensure that they remain aligned. Subscription orders, by default, are set to charge your customers on the day they sign up and then skip the next charge of your customers' orders. If your plan is set to charge on a specific day of the month. This is in place to prevent your customers from being double charged. For example, say the day of sign up is the 29th and your charge date is set for the 30th - this would block those new transactions. You will need to edit the next dates for both the payment and the shipment.

To update an individual, pre-paid subscription (set to run on a specific day of the month) you will need to go to the ReCharge Dashboard and click on Customers.


Search for them and click on their name.


Click on See Details next to the subscription you need to change and scroll down to the Charges section.


Click Edit Date next to the queued shipments. 


Change the date accordingly and Save Shipping.


Click Change Date next to the remaining queued charges and change the date accordingly. Don't forget to Save.

Note: This does not affect already processed charges and only applies to future charges.

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