Mixed Carts

A great way to increase your revenue is to create the option for customers to have a mixed cart of goods. Our definition of a mixed cart of goods is a collection of recurring items and non-recurring items.  ReCharge automatically recognizes the difference between both the recurring items and non-recurring items. Subscriptions are set up in ReCharge and all your non-recurring items set up in Shopify. Customers can then add a subscription to their cart as well as non-recurring items and complete their purchase through a normal checkout process.  

Note: You will not be billed for non-recurring items that flow through ReCharge's checkout. There is a 1% fee on recurring orders only.

This process will work as long as you do not modify your checkout flow with custom code. If you do modify your code, make sure to run a test mixed cart order to ensure all app settings are working properly.

Refunding Mixed Carts

If the customer had a mixed cart (one-time and subscription items), the entire order checks out through ReCharge. Any refunds for the entire order need to be done through ReCharge since we process the entire order for mixed carts on our end. Shopify won't have processed any charges for it, so they technically don't even have the payment info on their system. We just communicate to their API to create the order and add the data. Check out our dedicated article on processing refunds.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?