Charge on a Specific Day of the Week or Month

To create a schedule set to draft payments on a specific day of either the month or week, you will need to set the frequencies as described in the following examples.

Note: Existing customers are not affected by these changes. Checkouts on the same day as the specific day set will not skip the next intervals charge. The Specific Day feature works on Eastern Time, any orders made by 00:00 ET of the specific charge day do not skip. If you want to disable skip, contact Even if our skip functionality is turned off, our system still will not bill a customer twice within a month. If you'd like to do this, you can setup a cutoff window.

Specific day of the Month

In your ReCharge ruleset, select the 'Months' frequency and select the specific day below.

Specific day of the Week

In your ReCharge ruleset, select the 'Weeks' frequency and select the day of the week below.

Subscription orders are set to charge your customers on the day they sign up and then automatically skip the next billing cycle. This is in place to prevent your customers from being double-charged if they signed up close to the billing date. For example:

                    Specific Charge Date                Sign Up Date             Next Charge Date

Scenario 1                     15th                                    Oct 10th              Nov 15th

Scenario 2                     15th                                    Oct 20th              Dec 15th

Scenario 3                     15th                                    Oct 15th              Nov 15th

Managing the Day Features:

If you would like to leave the feature on, but need to adjust some of the dates of your subscriptions based on cut-off days, you can easily do so by editing the upcoming order date for an individual order. There are two methods to edit the upcoming order date, which depends on the type of subscription.

Pay-as-you-go: Edit Upcoming Order Date

Pre-paid: How to Change Pre-Paid Shipments

If you do not want to leave the feature on, we can turn it off for you upon request. It is currently an admin only feature to disable this, so contact us to change it.

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