Order Sequence Number

In some cases, you might need the order number your customer is set to receive in the next shipping cycle of their subscription plans. This feature passes the order number for a given recurring plan to the Shopify admin portal, as well as the reports section in both of our systems.

Note: This feature is currently in beta and requires you to contact us to request it be enabled for your store.

Note 2: This feature doesn't apply to prepaid orders, only to orders created by charges.

How it Works

Every time an order is processed through ReCharge, a subsequent order is created in Shopify and inherently, our system uses the same SKU for every order in a given subscription plan. This can sometimes cause confusion when trying to track how many orders have been fulfilled for a customer, so we added a feature that allows you to easily and efficiently refer to the number the order corresponds to in a customer's plan.

The order number populates in several different areas of both ReCharge and Shopify for your convenience. Filtering it into Shopify means that you can have it sent to fulfilment applications as well. Below are the different areas for where to find them:


In Shopify when the order is created, the order number will populate in the Note section within the Order details, as shown here:


It will populate into one of the columns in your Order reports in ReCharge. This way, you can export your data and sort/filter as needed. To locate, you will need to export an order report from our new Reports section. For assistance navigating to that section, you can reference our guide on the Order reports here: Order Reports.

When you export, the column can be found in the CSV file, under column AD, labelled Cart Notes, as shown here:


It will populate in your Shopify order reports too! In Shopify's export, it will be under column AS, labelled Notes, as shown here:

As mentioned above, this feature can also be beneficial in that you can send data from the note to third-party app fulfilment systems, such as Shipstation. They can read the note and then have processes in place to fulfil the order based on what number is and more.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?