How to Add Facebook Tracking Pixel

You can add Facebook pixel tracking directly to your checkout page and see how successful your ad is. It’s great for conversion tracking! Not only can you view the direct result of your Facebook ads, but you can also remarket to everyone who visits your site. Or even just to people who visit specific pages or take specific actions.

Adding a Facebook Pixel ID

The Facebook Pixel ID tracks the InitiateCheckout event when a person goes into the checkout page, it will track the view. This will track the checkout event only.


Ensure you have your Facebook Pixel ID. Click here to learn how to retrieve your Facebook Pixel ID.


In the ReCharge Dashboard go to Settings > Checkout.


Fill in the Facebook Pixel ID field at the top of the page.


Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Conversion Tracking for your Thank You Page

Add your Facebook pixel tracking code into the Additional Contents & Scripts section under Settings > Checkout. Here is where you add instructions, scripts or tracking codes you want to appear on the 'Thank You' page. Placing this will track the Purchase event via the 'Thank You' page. If you're looking to track the 'Thank You' page only, you will only need to complete this.

Note: The Facebook Pixel configuration does not apply to the 'Thank you' page, only the Checkout page when you configure it through ReCharge.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?