3rd Party Developer Policy

Sometimes a 3rd party developer is required in order to resolve issues unrelated to ReCharge such as:

  • Custom theme edits that are not working properly
  • Javascript files from other unrelated features
  • Missing or not working file includes
  • Javascript errors

From our experience, the keys to successfully engaging third party developers are to:

  • Be specific with what you’re looking to accomplish  
  • Break out each component of what you’re requesting and provide examples whenever possible
  • Make sure when to get a quote for your entire project in advance of any work starting
  • If you add a new component mid-project, your cost may increase
  • If something was not clear on the project up front, the cost may increase
  • If possible, be sure to get documentation on whatever has been done with a third-party developer.  In the case you need additional development work, this documentation can be extremely valuable

While we do seek to work with agencies that share the same value in providing high-quality services, sometimes it doesn’t work out with the developer. So please keep this in mind when hiring ANY developer, recommended by us or not:

  • Contracting a third party developer is always at your own risk
  • We are not associated with said developers other than providing their names and/or contact information
  • Any work which you may have done on your store is at your discretion
  • We do not warranty any work that is done by those 3rd party developers

Note: Should a major problem arise with the ReCharge app that we need to assist with, we will not be able to touch any customizations which may have been completed on your behalf. We can revert your site to a default state and reinstall our base code, however.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success team to ask!

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?