How to Issue a Refund in ReCharge

Issuing a ReCharge Refund

You can refund an entire order or part of an order by following these steps:


In the ReCharge Dashboard go to  Customers.


Search and select the desired customer to refund.


Click on  See Details at the top of the following page


Select to expand the desired order with the payment status as Success, not Upcoming or it won't show up.


Click Refund.


In the Refund Payments window, enter the quantities of the items you wish to refund. The tax amount will auto populate accordingly.
You may also enter a set amount to refund without selecting the number of items.

When partially or fully refund a pre-paid subscription, be sure to cancel any remaining queued shipments by selecting the option to bulk-cancel these at the end of the modal. Queued shipments will submit to Shopify on your scheduled date regardless of refund status (unless explicitly cancelled). 

If you wish to refund the total shipping cost select “Refund Shipping” 
Click the Refund button to refund the customer's order.You can confirm the order has been refunded by looking in the Orders column after you've partially refunded the order

- If your products already have the taxes included in their price, you will see “ Taxes (included)” in the breakdown. This will display the total tax amount related to the total of products selected, however this amount will not sum to the Total Refund since it is already included in the product price.

- If taxes are not included in the price you will see “ Taxes” in the breakdown. In this case taxes will be summed to the total product price when selecting the quantity of items to refund.

- Taxes, Discounts and Shipping won't display if they don't apply to the order.

- Discounts will be reflected on the total available amount and will not take effect over the calculation when selecting line item quantities.

‘Transaction requires a gateway’ Error

You may see this error as a result of attempting a refund directly from Shopify, as they require all purchases made via 3rd party apps to be processed a specific way. A solution is to issue the refund via the Shopify orders list. To reach the Shopify Orders page, click on the Order # and then Apps and Refund Recurring Order hidden within the menu.

Please do not use the lower refund button, as this will result in the refund not processing correctly. This is due to a recent update in how Shopify wants to handle refunds.

You can also reach the above screen from the Customer Profile by selecting the See Details button beside the Address ID.

Issuing a Refund through the Payment Processor

We also offer guides on refunding directly through  Stripe or Braintree if needed. However, if you refund through the Payment Processor you will not be able to process a refund or make a record of it through ReCharge. We only suggest refunding through Stripe or Braintree directly in certain situations, such as:

  • If the payment already shows as refunded in ReCharge but not refunded in Stripe or Braintree.
  • If you use Braintree and you need to do a partial refund.
  • Lastly, as a last resort in the event that either Shopify or ReCharge haven't processed the refund for some reason. Speak with us and we will work with you in this case.

Note: If you are using, we are not currently able to provide partial refunds. To perform a partial refund with, you may want to contact them directly.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?