Changing Variants or Products for Pre-Paid Subscriptions

Variants of a product can include size, scent, color, flavor... really just anything you'd like to have your customers choose between. These variants are able to be changed for queued pre-paid subscriptions. This requires adding the new product to a customer's subscription, so when the pre-paid subscription renews, the updated variant is referenced. This also requires a manual change to the current pre-paid subscription cycle, since cancelling doesn't remove the associated queued shipments. Instead, it only ensures it doesn't show up for the next pre-paid cycle.

Note: This feature is only available for pre-paid/gift subscriptions.

Let's Get Started

WARNING: Although this feature does not require any coding ability, it does require careful attention to detail as there is much room for error.

In the Subscription Orders page, click on Add Product.

Choose the new variant to add. In this example, it is Male 2XL Annual to replace the old Male XL Annual.
Cancel (not delete) the old product variant, in this case, the Male XL. When prompted for cancellation reason, use 'I want a different product', also adding a detailed description can help to document your change. Cancelling the old product ensures that ReCharge will include the new variant instead.
Go to the Purchase Detail by clicking See Details beside the Address ID.


Click Add Variant. This will add the new variant to the customer's queued shipments.

Search for the variant (in this example Male 2XL - $240/Annually) and select the quantity (usually 1). Then click Add.


For each of the same Queued Shipments on the current prepaid subscription cycle, click the  red x to the right of the queued order products in order to delete the old variant, in this example, the Male XL.


Check your work by making sure the current prepaid subscription has queued shipments with the correct variant. Be sure to check the next recurring prepaid subscription cycle to ensure the variants are correct as well. You can now update your customer that changes have been made.


If you're working with pre-paid or gift subscriptions that have already expired: You will need to cancel the new item that you have just added in order to eliminate the upcoming charge that is generated.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?