Offer a Free Month's Subscription

There are two ways to go about offering a promotional free month to your subscribers:

Option 1:

If you do not want to generate an order at all in Shopify, then you can skip the shipment in the customer record in ReCharge. Then you would just send out the order anyway, thus giving a free shipment. 

Option 2:

A) If you want to generate an order and not charge for it, you can create a discount code that designates 100% off. However, be careful, as the codes will not apply to shipping. You can create a discount that is valid just for one charge by selecting 'first charge only' when creating the code.
More information found here:  Creating Discounts and Applying Discounts to Existing Subscriptions

B) You may have a customer that has a recurring order already and you would like to not charge for the next payment while keeping the order in Shopify. Basically, you would like to skip one auto-payment for a customer that has a subscription, but they are not actually skipping the order. You can do this by adding a shipment for each customer:

In the ReCharge Dashboard select the Customers tab.
Search and select the customer.
Click See Details next to their subscription ID.
Click on the most recent order to expand it.
Click Add Shipment.
After choosing the date and click Save.

After you complete these steps, you need to change the next charge date for the next order.

This moves the next charge date to the next cycle and adds a shipment for the last charge.

Options Don't Show Up?

 Does it look similar to the screenshot below?
ii_15adde083f258045Certain options will show only if the order has already been charged. Change the date as instructed above, then you will be able to add the shipment.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?