Quantity Discounts

Currently, the standard ReCharge app does not work with the Quantity Breaks app. In order to offer price breaks for buying bulk or multiples of an item, we suggest using  One Click Upsell to add post-purchase upsells to your store. This can be used for adding more of the same item to the cart at a discount. The One Click Upsell team has found that offering an upsell for items currently in the cart is very effective in getting upsell conversions. Click here to learn more how the integration works.

Quantity Selector

To replicate the image below, you can create 3 variants in Shopify, one for each pack size. For each product, you can specify a price and then add these variants to the product in Shopify.

Alternative Selector

However, in order to accomplish something completely different, such as the image below, you would need to do custom development to build out 3 products as 1-item, 2-item, and 3-item boxes and then store the selected items within the line item properties

To see a full list of recommended developers that have done similar work in the past, visit  http://rechargepayments.com/experts

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?