Customizing the ReCharge Checkout

If a customer has at least one recurring in their cart, they are directed through our ReCharge checkout. The Shopify checkout doesn't store credit cards in any way for future charges. The only way to do recurring billing is to send the customer through a separate checkout to vault the customer's card info in order to reprocess the payments. Since the two checkouts look the same, your customers won't be able to tell the difference.

You can customize some of your checkout flow via the Settings and select the Checkout page in ReCharge. You can enter a URL you'd like to use to have your logo display on the checkout page.

Change the Checkout URL

When the cart page has at least one  subscription product, the order is processed by our ReCharge checkout, this will be reflected in the URL as

For security reasons, we have to keep the same URL for our checkout page. At this time we don't allow custom SSLs on the checkout for security purposes.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

You can find out more about how to add your Facebook Pixel ID here.

Customize Style/CSS

Warning: Because the checkout environment is so sensitive, we unfortunately cannot allow for a more robust customization as it poses a security risk. Custom checkout domains are also not possible for security reasons.

For more details, check out our guide on customizing the CSS. Shopify also has a section where you can adjust the CSS on the checkout as well, for the one-time orders. If you need assistance, our team can assist you in simple changes like hiding some fields, or changing font sizes or colors.

Checkout Controls

You can designate whether you want customers to have the option or be required to create a customer account upon checkout.

You will be able to choose whether or not you allow the use of pre-paid credit cards in the checkout.

You can have the newsletter box pre-checked for your customers upon checkout. Just enable Precheck 'Accepts Marketing'.

Thank You Page

This would contain any additional instructions or scripts you'd like to appear on the Thank You page. Paste things like ROI/conversion tracking codes and partner tracking systems here. More information can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply discount codes to the checkout automatically?
Check out our dedicated guide on how to add discounts to the  checkout URL.

Can I add custom fields to the checkout?
Custom fields cannot be added to the checkout screen for security purposes. You could add it as either a cart attribute on the cart page, or a line item property on the product page. However, this would go outside the scope of the standard ReCharge solution. If you would like to pursue this further, consult with one of our trusted third-party developers on our expert's page.

Can I hide or remove the discounts field from the checkout?
If you remove the discounts in the ReCharge panel, the input will be hidden. If you don't want to remove the discounts and instead just hide the input temporally you can use CSS to make this. In the ReCharge Dashboard > Checkout you can input CSS to do this. You can just confirm with me if you'd like it to be removed altogether, we can do that.
Can I have terms and conditions before the checkout?
In the Shopify cart, you can enable a mandatory Terms & Conditions input. That is where the terms must be accepted, it can't be relocated to the ReCharge checkout. However, if you're interested in having the checkbox be on the screen before the checkout, take a look at our article on the Terms and Conditions.
Is it possible to redirect or skip to the checkout?
ReCharge requires the product to be added to the cart prior to going to the checkout. ReCharge must set all the necessary line item properties to define a product as a subscription. Although it's not possible to technically skip the cart, it is possible to redirect straight to subscription checkout through some customization.
Can I use the Shopify Buy Button?
Shopify has not opened up their API for the Buy Button, so there's no way for ReCharge to integrate with that feature right now.
Can I have a much more prominent and visible discounts input?
This would be a highly customized modification. ReCharge does not allow HTML and JavaScript code in the checkout for security reasons, so this could possibly be done with CSS. This would be outside of our scope of support. Contact us and we can suggest a third-party developer, but it may be very difficult to make as it would be redesigning the code in the page.
Can I have a legal disclaimer or any other information in the footer of the emails sent on behalf of my store?
Yes! Just reach out to us with the text (no CSS or HTML) you would like us to add and we can modify this for your store.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?