Littledata Integration

We’re excited to announce our integration with Littledata! The integration offers all of their core features, plus an instant fix that allows you to properly attribute recurring payments to campaigns in Google Analytics.

If you’re charging subscriptions, it can be confusing to try to get a clear view of where your best (and worst) customers are coming from, and the relationship between traffic source and shopping behavior. Yet this knowledge is essential to guiding your marketing spend and making smart decisions about the shopping experience on your site. Offering a seamless solution to this common problem, ReCharge and Littledata are an entrepreneur’s dream machine!

How it works

Littledata attributes recurring payments to campaigns in Google Analytics and provides a smart analytics dashboard. With Littledata, you can fix your Google Analytics setup to include complete sales and marketing data, and understand what it all means. Attribute recurring payments to campaigns, audit your analytics setup as often as you'd like, benchmark your web performance against leading eCommerce sites. Set up custom alerts and reporting, and so much more!

Feel free to check out this helpful YouTube video that littledata created to help you learn how it all works!

Supported Features:

  • Automatically fix numerous Google Analytics issues, including campaign attribution for recurring payments
  • Benchmark your site against leading Shopify stores
  • Connect sales and marketing performance with custom reports and industry insights
  • Get custom alerts about essential metrics

View Littledata's full integration guide for next steps on how to get started!  If you have any specific questions about how Little Data works, email them at

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?