Customer Retention Strategies

We are always investigating ways to incorporate the cancellation flow into reports you can view, so please let us know your thoughts on this feature so we can improve it!


You can prevent your subscription customers from canceling for a specified number of days, or outright restrict them from canceling their own subscription. In which case, they would need to email you, the store owner, directly to process this. If you disable this, the area where they could normally cancel will instead prompt them: "To cancel, email".

If you go to your ReCharge Dashboard under Settings > Customer Portal and scroll down, there is a section titled Subscription Cancellation.

As you can see by the drop-down menus on the right, you can choose between Storeowner and Customer or Storeowner Only.

Store owners can customize the reasons customers can select from to communicate why they are leaving. Most of the language is customized for this flow, but there are a few areas, such as call-to-action buttons that can be translated via the Translations page. These two fields will be what would be considered for translation:

Warning: If you change the translation option for 'I already have more than I need' or delete it so that it's blank, the option to delay the next charge won’t work.

You can view, create, delete and edit reasons for cancellation and retention strategies directly from the Customer Portal section under Settings. From this page, at the very bottom, you can set it as:

Basic Cancellation - Where you allow your customers to cancel their subscriptions by logging into their customer portal. This gives customers the option to select a reason and optionally fill in a comment form.
Cancellation with Customer Retention Strategy - Where you allow your customers to select a reason for canceling their subscription, then offer a custom incentive to encourage them to keep their subscription.

Managing Retention Strategies

Once you enable this with the radio button shown above, you can begin creating cancellation reasons, and promotions in the event someone chooses them.

Other examples of cancellation reasons can be seen below. Once you've created a few, you can view and edit them as needed.

Offer Incentives to Continue Subscription

Enabling one of these options will create a call-to-action button on the second step of the customer-facing cancel flow. If you do not enable any of them, it will just show a comment field by default. Currently, only one incentive can be applied for each reason. However, you can create multiple reasons containing the same incentive offers. For example, you could provide two reasons that offer different discount codes as an incentive not to cancel.

Apply Discount

Be sure to create a discount first, otherwise, you will get an error in creating this. Be sure to put the discount amount in the customized response, otherwise, the customer won't know what amount the discount applies to.

Skip Next Charge

An example reason may be ' I have too much right now.' This works just like the skip option in the Delivery Schedule page, it just presents the option in a more pivotal place to save a customer from canceling.

Delay Subscription

Swap Product

This incentive works the same as the "Swap" link that's accessible via the Customer Portal. It allows customers to choose a new product and stay subscribed instead of canceling.

If no retention incentive is offered, a comment box will be displayed along with a custom message.

Customer-Facing View

This is generally what it looks like from your customer's side of things when choosing a reason.

Assess Your Data

To view the cancellation reasons, you will need to download the report. Within ReCharge, go to the Reports tab and click the Customer Reports tab scroll down, you can export Inactive customer reports in CSV format.

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