Ultimate Upsell

ReCharge is proud to announce our full integration with the Ultimate Upsell app! Our teams have worked together to ensure you have a seamless experience in using both ReCharge and the Ultimate Upsell app together without a hitch.

Ultimate Upsell boasts a quick setup, with no coding required, allowing you to add upsells anywhere in your store while remaining completely mobile-friendly. These upsells can be added to the product, cart or thank-you pages in the form of a bundle or individual products. It also allows you to upsell add-ons and bundles without duplicate variants, retaining each item's SKU. Upsells can be added inside the theme, popup or in a notification.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the Ultimate Upsell app, please click here to ask the helpful experts on their team and check out their handy integration guide.  Also feel free to follow this great setup video if you are ready to proceed with the integration!

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?