Cut-off Windows

Cut-off Windows create an interval between the day a customer goes through ReCharge checkout to purchase a new subscription, and when you charge that customer again for their recurring order. Orders made before a cut-off date will get charged again (or have a prepaid order submitted) on the next upcoming charge date. Orders made at, or after 00:00 EDT of the cut-off date will skip the next upcoming charge date. The benefits of this feature typically include the following:

  • Prevents customers from being charged for a current month or week's order if they've already been submitted for fulfillment.
  • Minimizes time between the placement of an initial order and first delivery. For instance, if they make the cut-off for this month's box, they get that current month's box instead of waiting for next month's.

This feature works in conjunction with our Specific Day of the Week or Month feature. It disables our skip function if the cut-off conditions have been met. You must have the ability skip enabled AND a specific day of month or day or week that you re-bill customers in order for this feature to work.

Setting Things Up


Go to the ReCharge Dashboard.


Click Rulesets at the top. Then click the ruleset you'd like to add a cut-off window to.


Click on Advanced Settings.


You will either enter the day of month or select the day of week you'd like your cutoff window to be on.


Make sure you click Save at the bottom of the screen afterward to ensure the setting applies to all future orders.

Once configured, we recommend you test the conditions by using our Ruleset Visualizer. It's accessible at the bottom of the screen under the Save button.

Lastly, you should check all customers who've checked out in the last month (since your last billing date) as the cut-off date will not have applied to them. You'll need to change their upcoming order date if they made your cutoff. This can be done using our Edit Upcoming Order Date feature. If there are a large amount of customers (30+) that require this, you can use our Bulk Update Guide to fill out an excel and send to our customer success team to update for you.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?