Submetrics is the exclusive analytics dashboard for ReCharge. It provides an intuitive experience to help you organize and visualize your data, including ReCharge subscriptions.

Submetrics was started by the team behind The Subscription Agency, which is a full-service agency that has worked with subscription companies for more than 10 years. Needless to say, they know a lot about running a subscription business and have been working with ReCharge for some time now.

"There’s eCommerce and then there’s Subscription eCommerce, and those are two entirely different propositions."

Transform your Strategy

Designed to help you avoid bad reporting from affecting every element of your business, not just marketing. Submetrics makes all that go away and lets you focus on what makes your business great - gone are the days of spending hours pouring over spreadsheets to make sense of your data. No need for manual API calls, CSV files, My SQL data dumps, pivot tables and a lot of time spent with it manually every day to get the data up to date.

It's free to start out, and can be set up in just a minute. Submetrics allows for sales snapshot views, and for you to analyze your marketing, subscriber, and sales data. Take a product tour to get a better idea of what Submetrics can do for your business. All you'll need to do is log into ReCharge through the encrypted SubMetrics dashboard, and Submetrics will access your historical data and begin computing.


Business Snapshot

To instantly see your core data points:

  • Total Subscribers
  • Active Subscribers
  • Inactive Subscribers

This provides a quick snapshot on how healthy your subscriber list is, then you can dial into more details.

Marketing Data

Allows you to see how your traffic is performing, giving you the overall historical data on new sales and churn as well as your average subscription value and overall lifetime value of subscribers and a simple Cost Per Acquisition calculator.

Sales Data

Plan your overall marketing activities throughout the month with the following stats.

  • Total Sales
  • Recurring Sales
  • New Sales
  • Projected Monthly Recurring Sales

Submetrics can also display your top 10 best selling products so you can plan your inventory better.


This is not exactly something a lot of small businesses know about, but they’re a powerful metric. Cohort analysis allows you to track the behavior of a specific group over time, rather than seeing data for all your customers across the board. For example, if you segment your cohorts by when your subscribers signed up, you can gain valuable insight into how long after sign-up the biggest spikes in cancellations occur. Cohorts are essential to measure the health of your brand and work on  developing retention strategies. Using a Purchasing Cohort, you can see how many are purchasing, what the revenue is and what percentage isn’t purchasing.

Setting up Submetrics

First, you'll want to head to the integrations page in the ReCharge app and select Get on Submetrics (listed under All integrations).  You'll be prompted through and OAuth flow and asked to create a new account or login if you already have created an account with Submetrics.

Once your account is created, you have two options to sync your ReCharge/Shopify account data to Submetrics.

Option 1: Quick Connect through Shopify.


In your Submetrics Dashboard in your store connection, click on Connect Store and select  Connect through ReCharge.


Enter your Shopify store name, such as and click Connect.

Click Install and you're finished!

Option 2: Manually Generate an API Token through ReCharge


If you don't already have APIs enabled, you'll need to reach out to the ReCharge Team to enable this for you. If you already have it enabled, read on.


In the ReCharge Dashboard, select Integrations at the top, then click on API tokens.


Click Create an API Token at the top right to generate a new one for your store.

Copy and paste that API token in your Submetrics Dashboard under the Store Activation, click on Connect Store and select Enter Token Manually.

Upcoming Features

Submetrics has immediate plans to introduce a paid plan that provides additional premium features. This includes the ability to see:

  • Skips
  • Cancellations
  • Cancellation Reasons
  • Reactivations
  • Cancellation Cohorts
  • Purchase Cohorts
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Projected Monthly Sales

Notably, this would allow you to see exactly how many people are skipping or cancelling — and why. That, combined with reactivations, is what enables you to see projected monthly sales and better plan next steps for your business. It also alerts you to retention issues so you can address them as quickly as possible.

Also down the roadmap for Submetrics is advanced date range lookups, advanced data graphs, and a full integration with Shopify. This will finally combine data from ReCharge and Shopify to allow you to see all your insights in one place.

If you have any questions about how to get this working with ReCharge,  contact the Submetrics team directly and they'll be happy to help you get started! Additionally, feel free to take a look at their Help Center!

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?