Add a Customer to ReCharge Who Used the Wrong Checkout

Note: This guide can also be used to import customers one at a time. This guide should not be used for prepaid orders. If you need to import prepaid orders contact support

In the event that a customer went through the Shopify Payments checkout instead of the ReCharge checkout and you cannot find customers account on ReCharge but there is one created on Shopify, customer account would have to be manually recreated on ReCharge's side. Please note that since we can't extract payment information from Shopify for security reasons, you will need to have the customer re-enter their payment information so that all recurring orders can be charged.


Go to the Customers tab and click Add Customer at the top of the page.


Enter Customer details. You can leave the Stripe Customer Token/Braintree Customer Token blank.


Next, you will add the product to their subscription by going to the Subscriptions tab and selecting Add Product.


Search and select your product. Then select next shipment date and configuration.


After adding the product to the subscription, next step is the billing information from the customer. Go to Billing Information and copy the Customer Portal link to send to your customer asking them to update their credit card information. The customer must update their credit card in order for you to charge them again for their next payment cycle.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?