Edit Shipping Rates for an Existing Subscription


In the ReCharge Dashboard under Settings > Shipping there are also two settings for shipping behavior on recurring orders:

Dynamically recalculate rates for future orders.

  • This means the shipping rates will be recalculated every time for the recurring orders, defaulting to the cheapest, most up-to-date option. That is unless it's been manually overwritten for a specific customer. If someone bought an expedited rate for their first order, their next one would default to the cheapest option.

Retain original shipping rate for future orders.

  • This means the shipping rate of the recurring orders will be the same as the rate they got when they first signed up.

In order to view or change this, go to Settings and select Shipping.

Overriding Dynamic Shipping Rates for a Specific Subscription

Follow these steps if you have the shipping dynamically generated and need to edit a shipping rate for a customer's subscription:


Select your customer from Customers and then click See Details.


Scroll down and click on the Additional Info & Settings to open the collapsed menu.


Click on Switch to manual rate to override the current shipping rate method. This will override the dynamic shipping calculation with the manually inputted rate for this customer only. The screen will automatically refresh.


Manually update the pricing and shipping.

Overriding Retained Shipping Rates for a Specific Subscription


Go to the Customers tab and search for your customer. Then, click on See Details beside the address ID for this subscription.


Update the Shipping Method found just beneath the shipping address.


The following page allows you to enter the specific details that will affect only this customer. Once finished, click Save Changes.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?