Migrating to ReCharge

 You can move all your existing recurring customers over to ReCharge! Our dedicated migration staff will ensure they are all moved over free of charge. With all migrations, we make sure your customers aren't affected in any way. Reach out to us and a dedicated migration lead will help you out every step of the way. When you send your email, please include answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the name of your Shopify store?
  2. What platform are you currently using?
  3. What payment processor are you using?
  4. How many subscribers do you have right now, as an estimate?
  5. How many subscription products do you offer?
  6. Have you installed ReCharge on your Shopify store?
  7. Do you have pre-paid shipments that ship more often than they charge?
  8. Do you have a specific date you need everything transferred by?

Migration Steps:


Set up ReCharge live on your new site so that all new sign ups will go straight to ReCharge. This way we don't have to deal with new customers who sign up onto the old system after we start the process.


Pick a date for the switch to officially take place. From here until the process is complete, your old system will still handle your existing subscriptions.


Download and fill out this CSV template:  ReCharge-migration-template.csv
See the notes below for details on ensuring it's filled out correctly. When sending this CSV back to us, be sure to give our staff access to your store so we can complete this.


Our team will review the CSV data, make adjustments if needed, and upload it into our system.


Review the data in ReCharge to make sure it's correct and provide written confirmation that you have reviewed it and found the data to be correct.


On the day of the switch, make sure the old system is cancelled to ensure customers are not double-billed.

Note: If your old system used Stripe, make sure to double check that no Stripe subscriptions are set up. If you see any subscriptions, make sure to cancel them to prevent double-billing.

Notes for Filling out the CSV:

  • If any of your customers are in Stripe, you will find the token here on the Stripe Dashboard after searching and selecting a customer and include it in the CSV.

  • All dates must be in month/day/year format. Such as 03/24/2015.
  • You can ignore the Product ID and Variant or Option ID fields if you don't know how to find them. Just make sure that the products exist in your online store and our team can fill that out for you. Just be sure you give us staff access as outlined in step 3.
  • For the Recurring Price, it should be the item price-per-unit. If you charge shipping/tax, it will be added to each recurring order once it's migrated into ReCharge. The price can be different than the Shopify price if the migrated customers are on a legacy plan.

Are you not currently using Stripe or Braintree?

If your previous customers are not currently on Stripe or PayPal via Braintree, they will need to be migrated to those systems in order for us to access the data for future billing. Your previous merchant processor(s) are required by law to assist you in moving over to the new system.

Using Authorize.net?

If you're using Authorize.net, add two columns to fill in the Customer Profile ID and the Customer Payment Profile ID:


To bulk export those IDs from Authorize.net, you can use this guide..

When you're on the Advanced Search screen, under 'Profile Type', select 'Search All Profiles' or you won't get anything. Some customers had more than one payment profile id -- from having entered more than one card over time. The first record in the file corresponds to the most recent, active profile.

Migrating Customer Account Logins and Passwords

When we migrate the customer to ReCharge, we also create the customer accounts in Shopify. That doesn't create the login and password itself, just the email record for their login. Shopify doesn't have an easy way to import passwords due to security reasons. Customers tend to re-use their passwords, this is what makes it a security constraint. However, you can then use Shopify to send out mass invites to the customers. If a customer account has already been created in Shopify at the time of the ReCharge migration, our system will automatically find the existing account with the matching email and connect it.

Different Billing vs. Shipping Name

If you have customers with a different billing name than shipping name, add two new columns to the CSV:


You only need to fill it out for those customers with a different name. If it is blank, it will just default it to the shipping name.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?