ReCharge Design and Integration Policy

Our mission is to empower stores to make payments easy for everyone. Sometimes this means that we have to limit what we can and can't do for custom designs and integrations so that we can focus on constantly improving our core product. Below is a list of the types of integrations that we do and do not support. 

Note: This list is a living document and may be updated without notice.

What you need to know:

With ReCharge, it's easy to customize your subscriptions and integrate seamlessly with a supported theme. If you're tech-savvy or have some help from a ReCharge third party expert, it is possible to make significant modifications to your theme and how people buy subscription products.

Warning: If you choose to make significant changes to your site after you install the app, the ReCharge customer success team is limited in our ability to help.

  • ReCharge cannot assist with debugging issues on custom or non-major themes.
  • ReCharge cannot make style changes on your theme.
  • ReCharge cannot create custom code to build unique order flows like this custom order page.
  • ReCharge cannot debug Liquid or JavaScript issues related to your custom theme that is not part of the ReCharge app.
  • ReCharge cannot create or edit your checkout page if you've included custom HTML or JavaScript that was not originally included in the basic ReCharge checkout.
  • ReCharge cannot prepare data for bulk updates to your store.

We support basic theme integration into the ReCharge app. For themes that are not supported, we recommend you use a ReCharge third party expert for installing on a customized theme. 

Turn-Key Customizable Areas of ReCharge

Customer Portal
Customize the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the header and footer of this page. For the billing details portion in the customer portal, you can only customize the CSS. More information on the Customer Portal can be found here.

Customize the HTML of customer and storeowner notification emails. More information on Notifications can be found here.

Update the text your customers see for the checkout and customer portal sections. More information on Translations can be found here.

Subscription Widget
The Subscription Widget displays One time & Subscription on products that offer options for subscription intervals. Customize the font color and background color for the subscription widget. More information on modifying the Subscription Widget can be found here.

You can edit the CSS on the Checkout page, but please note that you cannot edit the HTML or add JavaScript to the checkout for security reasons.

Developer Resources

If you're a developer, we can help provide documentation and guide you in the right direction once you have completed the initial basic integration. Contact us for more info.

Still stuck? How can we help? Still stuck? How can we help?